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Your Local Experts for Insect & Pest Control in Decatur IL

When it comes to your home, pests are the last thing that you want to see. In fact, seeing pests scurry across your floors, countertops or cabinets can make things downright uncomfortable. Luckily, you can always call the local pros at Stolley for all your pest control need. Whether it’s rats in the attic or spiders in the basement, we offer the treatments needed to eradicate these unwanted visitors from your home. Don’t wait, contact our staff today for the service you need or a free residential pest inspection!

Pest Control

You wouldn’t want your business infested with pests – contact our staff for safe, effective treatments that keep your business clean. From roaches and spiders to raccoons and skunks, keep your business or commercial space a place where customers can feel comfortable with commercial pest control treatments.

commercial pest control in decatur il
residential pest control around decatur illinois

Pest Control

Keep your home free of pests with inspections and treatments for all pests common in your area including insects, termites & rodents. From stinging insects outside to mice in your kitchen, count on us for safe and effective treatments that rid these unwanted visitors from your home.

Insect &
Pest Control

Whatever bugs are making your home uncomfortable, we provide the treatments needed to rid yourself of those unwanted visitors. Contact us about termite inspections and control, rodent removal, spider removal, roaches, ants, and much more. We have the tools needed to rid you of the bugs that make you uncomfortable!

dead roaches means insect control is effective

Spring & Fall Insect & Pest Control

Always seem to have insect problems when the season turns? Contact us for seasonal treatments so you can enjoy moderate temperatures free of pests. Whether it’s spiders that show up in the spring or roaches that make their way inside when it gets cold, know that we have the knowledge needed to rid your home of these scurrying scoundrels!

Rid yourself of those creepy-crawlies in as little as two treatments!

Don’t fall for those other companies to have to subsidize their bottom line by offering services or monthly subscriptions that you don’t really need. Many times we can solve your problem with only two appointments a year, and a lot less than what you are paying another company for monthly treatments. That’s why we say, “solving problems, not creating bills!”

Insects we treat for include:

• Cockroaches • Spiders • Fleas • Ants (all types) • Bees • Hornets • Wasps • Moths • Termites • More…

Solving problems, not creating bills, since 1934!

Safe, reliable pest control inspections and treatments for homes and businesses.