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First Choice for Rodent Removal Services in Decatur IL

Rodents are a nuisance to our homes and businesses in the Decatur, Illinois area. But what do you do when your home is overtaken by an infestation of these disgusting little creatures? Well, you call the professionals at Stolley, of course! We provide the treatments to eradicate these rodents. However, we do not set new traps for rodents. We provide rodent removal services to eradicate the infestation that is there.

Rodents we eradicate:
• Mice • Rats • More…

mouse infestations near decatur il

Mouse & Rat

Mice are small, quiet and can make their nest in hard-to-reach places like walls, attics and more. Additionally, their flexible bodies allow them free passage throughout the home. As notorious carriers of disease, it’s important to eradicate these pests as soon as you notice them. Additionally, keep an eye out for the following signs of an infestation and call our staff when you notice something out of the ordinary!

Signs of

signs of rodent infestation in the decatur illinois area

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